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    About a week ago I got an account at Iplay. The first thing I did was found a popular file there and downloaded the same file from another site, then upped it there. Before long I had almost a gig of upload credit and no download credit. Then the next day they disabled my account for cheating. After a few hours of panicking, I found their irc channel and spoke to an op and explained what I did. He enabled my account again. In my search for what I did wrong I saw a rule they have that you should only seed to a 2.0 ratio, I am wondering do they enforce this rule. If so, how do I build that account up without messing up my ratio. Most of the files there, I think I will have a hard time seeding back.

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    enter on iPLAY IRC Channel and discuss with m0Fo or Crc

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    In fact, the rule is like this:

    Give others a chance to seed. If your ratio on a single torrent is already above 2.0, you should give others the chance to seed too. Overseeding will only make it hard or even impossible for others to keep a good ratio.

    Read it again...

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    SCT has the same rule (call it guideline or policy). Don't know, that it was ever enforced.


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