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Thread: Backing Things Up On Cd

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    as an alternative to buying extra hard disk I've considered backing up gigs of mp3's to retrieve later and put in my 20 gig portable mp3 player to listen to at my leisure. my question then is how much can be backed up in gigs? this will probably be moved but I had no idea where to post it since it isn't kazaa related.

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    A cd will hold 700mb Some special ones you can buy will hold up to 899, but to use them your cdburner needs to support overburn. Most mp3s are between 3 and 4mb soyou are looking at about 200per disk. A DVDR holds about 4.7 gigs but those are more expensive, and you need a DVD burner which is even more pricey, although the price is falling. However, harddrives are so cheep now, I'd just get another.

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    yeah thanks i probably will just get some storage disk from bestbuy.

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    Get your self a nice big hard drive, then start putting your money aside for a DVD burner.

    I can almost guarantee you will run out of disk space before you get round to buying the burner.

    And it is REALLY a pain trying to copy 100 gigs onto cd - after about 20 cds you will go out and buy that dvd burner.

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