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Thread: Ram Timings

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    if i change my ram timings from 2-2-2-5 333MHz to 2-3-3-7 333MHz, will i see a noticable drop in performance?

    i'm worried about the stress of running the ram at such tight timings
    any help would be good thanks

    edit: i apologise for the spelling mistake in the title, however, i was not the author

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    This thread is an offshoot from the RAM Guide, which I have despammed...

    I doubt you'd notice very much difference, but I may be wrong...


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    you may notice a drop in memory intensive tasks, but not much else, if the memory can take the timeing there is no harm in leaving it at those settings, if it can't you'd have stability problems...

    if you have the model number of you memory, search in google - someone will have tested the memory to find how well it runs etc


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