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Thread: need help -IRC

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    hello people
    my accounts here, DB FB TTI with my two gmails were hacked by some SOB
    i need the IRC of DB and FB plz
    as soon as possible so i can return them to me
    my name is asafb -the account here as i requested in the report section was disabled temporally so the hacker could not use it. until I'll get home from my vacation and settle it.
    if u can help me any any means
    i mean give me the IRC of the sites in mirc so i can get the accounts back
    or get me somehow my gmail so i can change password and put on the security Q
    or even helping in a direct way of getting back my accounts
    thx very much to every single one who responds

    asafb - hooping to get my accounts back

    the hacker also logged in this account before i changed the mail and password AGAIN!

    Originally Posted by noobslayer
    Originally Posted by direstraits
    Originally Posted by noobslayer
    ao why ur not answering?
    a cat got your tongue?
    can u give me the stolen account + my gmail + My fst user...

    i sware i dont have it... i think your other accounts were hacked, i thought they were banned...

    did you have bithdtv?

    Hahaha, that dumbfuck held you responsible for the account theft.


    did you hack his new account too?
    he thought i hacked him because he got my invites privileges on bitmetv disabled. so we had a discussion et etc

    "Hahaha, that dumbfuck held you responsible for the account theft." - these line i never wrote
    i didnt log on the past 3 days =/
    see =/
    plz help me get back my accounts!
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    no one can help me?
    i thought this is a BT community =/

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    i kno how ya fell a fag stole my old corey93 account on here and sct yes sct! email and alll!!!!!! nooob does have a point tho


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