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Thread: Grisoft AVG wants to remove your keygens

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    I have been an AVG fanboy for over 6 years now and have recommended them to anyone who would listen, but last month I changed my mind, and now I tell everyone to uninstall them and find something new.

    It all started one morning, you see... I run my pc 24/7 and my AV starts scanning my PC at 3:00am and is usually finished when I get up, and every morning I check my quarrantine to see if anything I collected from the previous day was infected. I do check things as they come in but this is a backup check and of course there are always new definitions to run.

    This particular morning I was suprised to find about 5 keygens, all by BRD in my quarrantine. I was suspicious because they are older and have been scanned time and again, so I scanned them with A-Squared free and they came up clean so I bundled all the apps together and put there keys in a pass protected rar to prevent further AVG harrasment. A few days went by and there are several new keys in quarrantine, this time all of them by ZWT and after scanning with A-Squared I got mad because now I know whats going on. Grisoft is targeting keygens on my PC and tagging them as having trojans when they don't and hoping I won't notice so when the quarrantine time is up they will be deleted.

    Next was NEO then NoPE and others as well, but from that point on I can't tell you who was next because I uninstalled AVG and installed a new anti-virus. I will probably never go back to using Grisoft software, I can never trust them again to have the run of my PC. What their doing is both deceptive and criminal in away. A keygen is what is called riskware, they have been known to be infected, but I don't need big brother snooping around my machine telling me what I can and can't do.

    So you AVG users beware, you have been warned. Have you looked in your quarrantine lately? Grisoft won't put up a flag to warn you, its quarrantine only lasts 30 days and it starts deleting stuff, its about to ruin your day.
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    Is this a personal experience? You didn't provide a source, but I'm all for a discussion if there are any other AVG users out there.
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    nod32 is the ONLY way to go

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    Agreed, screw AVG I had the anti virus about a year ago and it missed virus/malware which nuked my pc in the end I had to reformat and lost a lot of stuff. needless to say I won't be going back to Grisoft. Nod32 ftw

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    NOD32 is best. I used to like AVG but their protection is weak.

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    I remember doing a trend micro online scan, and it labeled the crack I applied to nod32 as malicious.

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    AVG been doing the same to my keygens, but other than that i find its okay as a virus scaner + itz leagaly free so yea...
    The General

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    I can also confirm this about the keygens, it already did this to me a year ago when i quitted using it. its protection is also weak, i got a virus or two with AVG. avast seems to be better, and it's also free.

    one more thing came into my mind: my parents are still using AVG, and yesterday it found trojans in a cygwin dll, hilarious. so AVG free seems to become worse and worse.

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    AVG is still good, the keygen thing as been going on for longer than I can remember, but common sence says look at it with something else and trust your instincts almost...

    As for the comment about finding a trojan in cygwin dll the reason it finds a "trojan" is from the heuristics I would expect. AVG does have one of the better heuristic scanners around so you will (like with any AV) get false positives. All I know is in years of using AVG I've NEVER had a viral infection

    What everyone needs to remember overall is that there is NO *best* anti virus. Some pick things up other miss and so on - its depends on the development team behind it and how quickly the can get the viruses etc to analyse and therefore thwart within their AV.

    I do recommend AVG for free but anyone who wants to pay for a good all round AV you cannot go far wrong with NOD32, but again it's a matter of opinion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairbautt View Post
    Is this a personal experience? You didn't provide a source,
    Ineed, it's almost as if he wrote his own piece and didn't just copy and paste someone else's story here from elsewhere.

    AVG has been giving me problems with keygens and cracks for a while now but I'm far too lazy to get another AV.

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