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Thread: Do You Know Where I Can Get Boy Meet World Episode

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    do you know where i can get thoes i love thoes shows! do you know i can get em?

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    on the disney channel!

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    lol good 1 but ya know i really liked that shows aired for almsot 7 years i think but seriously do u knwo any bittorent sites or anywhere ic an get em?

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    i really loved that show. i've been looking for those type of shows for a long time and i usually end up finding nothing. btw i dont even know how to use bittorent , so i guess that answers your question.

    i loved these shows: the dinosaurs, full house , mr cooper , home improvement , family matters , boy meets world mmmm man so many shows...theres alot more i love....but i guess we might never see them again.

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    Boy Meets World was a great show. But I don't know if anyone has the files online, but if you know someone who has a channel that airs the show, you can get them to tape it and give it to you. Or you can just get them off of eBay. Here's a list of some auctions:

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    ah, that show takes me back. I've forgotten the guys name tho I remember Sean and Tapanga, however everytime i try to remember the name I get Kevin (from the Wonder Years)

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    His name is Cory. I believe.

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    where i live this show is on everynite on the family channel its a great show indeed!

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.

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    well if any 1 find it post it here

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    There's quite a few on K-Lite. Here's a hash for 3 of the files:

    File: Boy Meets World - 5x24 Graduation.avi
    Length: 143278080 Bytes,139920KB
    UUHash: =hmn2lnsQgk3nzfABH7r/dLO0aMo=

    File: Boy Meets World - 6x03 Ain't College Great.avi
    Length: 142626816 Bytes,139284KB
    UUHash: =WFmg7W3TLPzN2bsMyNRaXLylMRk=

    File: Boy Meets World - Boy Meets Girl.mpg
    Length: 227298820 Bytes,221971KB
    UUHash: =bZRDsFWJIzjm3uVhZF+0dGDikM4=


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