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Thread: Favorite Way To Boost D/l Speed?

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    I use a method that combines two excellent topics posted previously. First I find the prog I want, then I select the individual source with the best bandwith. I then wait for connection, find more sources, and then find more sources from the found sources, and so on. I've gotten an avg of 50 kb/s and a high of 90 kb/s with this.

    Small edit: I'm actually now avg at roughly 90 kb/s, with highs in the 100s.

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    what file? *cough* probably pr0n *cough*

    but often when i dl from a high bandwith source, it dl's from a different source or says it needs more sources.

    try also having the search auto search for more sources.

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    Nah, for porn, I just click on a 100 different things, and go to sleep. This is Visual Basic 6...


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