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Thread: My first (level 3) giveaway

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    Hello guys, this is my first giveaway in FST, its a level 3 giveaway, i now that is not to much but is what i have and i can't give better.
    I've been scamm in the past and i've lost a realy great account soo i will only request that you have at minimum 2 months in FST and more than 50 posts, i will not ask you ratio proofs because i think this dont prove nothing....
    So i've to offer:

    Linkomanija invites
    Supertorrents invites
    Extremebits invites
    Blackcats invites
    TVTorrents account clean

    Like i said is not a great giveaway but i dont have better to offer....
    I will only request the reputation point and ask you to dont cheat or trade the account in the future.......
    Post here what you need and i will contact you tomorow to ask the email...

    P.S.: I've been scammed by a user with double account, called polat_alember. I dont now the name of the other account so if you manage 2 now who this m.f. is please warn me... thanks
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    nice first giveaway...i hope is not your last one....


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