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Thread: Suprnova Question

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    Ok im a sucful 56k user in my ISP logs me out every damm 4 hrs!!

    so is there anyway of using the torrents so I dont have to babysit every bloody 4hrs and re click the link want I autodial back in its a pain in the ass I wanna wake up and have 12hrs worth done

    anyone know thanks.

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    im pretty sure there are a few programs that stop u gettin disconnecting. i know norton system works 2003 includes it but i neva tried it

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    You could always try on of those pages that refreshes every so often, or something like Keep Your Internet Connection Alive.

    Google results for keep internet connection. you just have to check out the pages for something of interest.

    Hmm, related somewhat to software, moving........................

    Good luck.
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    HERE is a website with the latest programs. has the goodies for Remain connected pro v3.2. Looking for Stay connected v4.01 for a friend myself.

    Hope this helps,


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