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Thread: Why Are Fake Movies Circulated?

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    So, this happens to all of us:
    we log on, search for some hot new movie... say the Matrix Reloaded, and get a bunch of results. We download something that has both a title and a filename that proclaims it as that movie, and sit down to watch it... and it turns out to be some obscure flick.

    When porn purveyors, or other commercial entities, embed meta-tags for commonly searched words in their webpages, the motivation is understandable - the more eyeballs they attract, the greater the chance someone will buy their product.

    What possible motivation could people have to post fake movies on P2P networks? Do you do it? If so, why?

    On the other hand, if you have been faked out, is there any way you have found to avoid it?


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    Overpeer and MediaDefender Inc. are two firms that deliberately spread fake files- they are hired by the content owners of the files being traded. always use avi preview with movies you're dl (it's part of k lite), stick with using quicklinks from this site or (requires you to register) so you're getting legit files and i've had luck with peerguardian closing connections on overpeer when i was trying to dl recent songs from kazaa...

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    But why would they just replace one movie with another movie? Unless it's a plot to eliminate the competition (which it wouldn't be if it's the MPAA) that still leaves most of them out there caused by asshats with nothing better to do. And it's annoying that so many people apparently have fully downloaded movies being shared, when they can't even spend 5 seconds to see if they're spreading around a fake or not.

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    it's to frustrate the easily dissuaded p2p user that doesn't use the tools we have to avoid fake files...that's the logic they're going by anyways...

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    You wanna know why?

    People or should I say companies want to end p2p's like K-Lite so that sharing can stop.

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    People/companies/organisations put fakes on the internet as a decoy. They rename files and say they are something else so that people spend time downloading them and find out they are fakes of course this infuriates people... and that's what they want... to piss you off.

    Of course there are way of getting around this:

    1. use a verified download site - this way you can be 100% certain that the file you download is the correct one and not a fake. - verified download site

    2. AviPreview - You can view almost any kind of movie file in this viewer and by doing so you can make sure your downloading the film you want and not some vile spanish porn

    Good luck

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    Yes sum good tips above...

    Always check i can't stress how important that is...

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    I find it really annoying too.

    If the person your downloading it from know it's a fake or just a blank file, what does he/she get out of it... Apart from taking alot of his bandwich..

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    Originally posted by How_Bazaa@3 July 2003 - 10:29
    I find it really annoying too.

    If the person your downloading it from know it's a fake or just a blank file, what does he/she get out of it... Apart from taking alot of his bandwich..
    One thing script kiddies or hackers like to do is get a list of IP addresses, then they will try and probe your ports to see if you've got any vulnerabilities and attempt to hack you, plant a backdoor trojan, use you to generate spam emails, DDoS attacks, whatever.

    If that's their motivation, then their problem is how to get IP addresses - simple, just pretend to be sharing a new movie that everyone wants, and wait for the uploads to begin.


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    The main reason falsely named files (the popular ones anyways) are flourishing is because most people don't protect themselves properly (KPE, AVI Preview, etc.), don't know which verified files to look for or they just que up anything that says Matrix Reloaded and let their excessive bandwidth take care of it while they sleep/work.

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