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Thread: Why You Still Remember The Plot Of An Old Movie

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    I can't really remember what's happened in a movie which I saw 1 year ago. I can remember some scenes of the movie but not the whole movie and it's storyline. If you ask me about the question like "shocking ending", I really don't remember. How do you watch a movie? do you try to remember things of the movie when you are watching it?

    is it just me have such bad memory?

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    Originally posted by ging@2 July 2003 - 08:15
    is it just me have such bad memory?

    It just depends which movie it was! I can't remember much from Charlie's Angels... Actually, I'm doing my best to forget that I even saw it!

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    To be frank, i remember the movie ies cos of only on two reasons

    1. The number of times i watch the promos in TV
    2. If the movie happens to live to its expectation by its TV prom

    T2 happens to be etched in my memory forever though i saw it in its release closely followed by Matrix!!


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