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Thread: Building My Own Pc

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    Hey everyone, I'm building my own P4 system and I need some advice on parts.

    I've purchased all the parts for my system except for the case, mobo, and video card.

    I got:
    This Hard Drive

    This Processor

    This RAM

    This DVD Drive

    This CD-RW Drive

    And This Floppy Drive

    I'm almost positive I'm going to purchase This Mobo

    What do you think? I really need suggestions for a video card though. I'm looking for what's going to give me the best performance for under $100. I was thinking about the Geforce FX 5200 but I'm not too sure. I'd appreciate any help, thanks!!!

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    Geforce FX 5200 if fine!

    I applaud you for building your own PC.

    Now, what I normally do, is buy the mother board fist. Then I can decide what CPU (I prefer Pentium4) and RAM (DDR 512mb 3200 is now standard) to get. Then shop around for a cabinet, then look around for the other parts.

    Since sound is not that big of a deal for me, I usually get a motherboard with integrated sound on it, because today's motherboards have excellent sound/MIDI and surround sound too.

    I also look to see if the motherboard has firewire USB and maybe ethernet, all integrated.

    Also, I buy name-brand motherboards, since they tend to have updated websites and all the latest drivers.

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    From the choices u gave the 5200 is probably the better choice, but the benchmarks on didn't look too impressive, the Ti4200 8x spanked it across the board and is also cheaper Its just that the 4200 doesn't have dx9 support so there are extra features on the 5200.
    Quoting Tomshardware

    In the entry-level segment, the FX 5200 Ultra is therefore a good choice. It's not certain, however, as to whether the moderate performance of the card really allows the DirectX 9 features in games to be used. Tests with modern games such as Splinter Cell or Aquanox 2 (internal tests with DX 9 Beta Patch) show that the card is actually too slow for this.

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    Hmmm...Does anyone here have a Geforce FX 5200? I do enjoy occasional gaming, such as Grand Theft Auto, Medal of Honor, Splinter Cell, and N64 emulation. Does anyone own it, or does anyone know if this card will give me a good experience when playing such games? Thanks!


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