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Thread: Trobule with restore

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    I have win vista home premium on my laptop and i was playing a game yesterday and the laptop i shut down and i diditn turn it on until this my wireless card drivers dont work.i try to restore and i get an error message saying the voulume shadow cop service used by system restore is not working.fow more info review the event log (0x81000202) there anyone out there who can help me out please???!??
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    John you tried a Restore Point from with in windows , or tried a Restore from a partition from start up ? You did n't get a cd supplied with your new computer so you may be able to just reboot , press corresponding key to reset your system back to all shiny and new , like "store bought " .

    Keeping in mind you loose all your personal settings , programs , SP2 patches since you'v had it . Just a thought tho .
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