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    NHL 2K3 is the best playing, most realistic hockey game available on the market today. Fact. The breakouts, ability to pin opponents against the boards, properly tuned AI and pure attention to detail made Sega's hockey title the new lord of all things ice-related. Sure, other games like EA Sports' NHL 2003 looked better on the presentation side of things, but they couldn't hold a candle to Sega's gameplay.
    Still, in games as in life, it's always a question of, "What have you done for me lately?" and Sega doesn't look like they're going to sit back and rest on their new championship. It's always harder to hold the top spot than it is to chase the top spot, and with the ESPN brand firmly in hand, Sega's ESPN NHL Hockey 2004 is taking the steps to rectify last year's deficiencies and improve upon their strengths. For now, enjoy the screenshots, rival at the new graphics engine, and check back with us next Tuesday for additional information, screenshots, and more.

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    I agree. I have NHL 2K3 for my x-box, and even though I'm Canadian, the ESPN commentary kicks ass. This game has it all. The players just seem smarter when they have the puck.


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