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Thread: Check Out The New Freddy Vs Jason Website

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    U must check out the new Freddy vs Jason web site ( well just an updated version of the old 1 )

    but it's got this cool thing were u create your own Freddy vs Jason wallpaper

    ah shit just check it out

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    not a bad site m8, was sat there 4 a while myself gotta admit

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    you know what i thought the other day about freddyvs.jason. Both characters different movies different theme songs how are they going to do that it in freddy vs.jason lol maybe they will use both just for the heck of it.

    good site btw

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    yeah its a good site but its nots new, been around for many months

    fuck Derby County

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    sorry paul man did'nt say it was new just meant u should check out the sction where u can create your own wallpaper


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