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Thread: Links 2003

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    Anyone know where I can get this? I found a version in the Verifieds but can never get any sources. Thanks kindly

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    Its on eMule as well as the expansion courses

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    thanks, any Kazaa suggestions? I don't use emule

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    Its not on kazaa, either get it from eMule or eDonkey . or go and buy it

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    seen as though your advice has been sound before can u post some links for the sharing communities listed above so I can download the client (hopefully a clean one)? cheers mate

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    use IRC mate. Its the best bet everything new always goes there, and i know for a fact links2003 is there cus i got it

  7. Games   -   #7 for all your P2P needs

    To get eMule to connect to servers go to preferences<server<List and put this address in the note pad window . close the notepad and save changes.

    Also on the connections Tab click Auto connect on start up and reconnect on loss

    And always right click on your downloads and set the priority to high

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    File: Links.2003.CD1.bin
    Length: 669783744 Bytes, 654085KB
    UUHash: =yzSoGF+r93RKN8yNoiWOj6BL3ls=

    File: Links.2003.CD2.bin
    Length: 742034832 Bytes, 724643KB
    UUHash: =MCrVnTI+MgPjn2QXHlkLG2W7fbI=

    File: Links.2003.Championship.Courses.bin
    Length: 740195568 Bytes, 722847KB
    UUHash: =0aT4pGTQngLe7enuvZ7MUktJsaw=

    File: Links2003_NoCD.rar
    Length: 26835 Bytes, 26KB
    UUHash: =yj+7y+SjLJrRj4qEYiA4YCyX//8=

    Good luch gettin sources.
    Stupid game

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    alrighty, thanks
    Those are the hashes I&#39;ve been trying to get w/no luck. Oh well
    You don&#39;t like this game?? Most realistic golf game w/nice graphics IMO. Great for those rainy days

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    Terrible swing control, poor play, graphics were good, but for somereason just not a fun game at all. Played for about 2 minutes.

    Navidia gforce 4 - 440 MX
    756 DDR ram
    P4 2.0

    I will take Tiger woods 2003 any day over Links.

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