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Thread: Which Reader for Txt-Groups?

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    Hi, I'm searching for a good newsreader for Text-Groups (non-binaries).

    2.) I remember reading once about a service to read txt pots in binaries groups without a newsreader. Can anyone recall the adress?

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    As I'm using my GMail web interface at work or while I'm travelling, I'm very familiar with that style so I welcome every similarity I can get:

    There are no alt.bin groups of course but if you are okay with a web interface to newsgroups, then google-groups are a decent solution. You can subscribe groups, post messages to existing groups and even use alerts for newsgroups.

    I do it this way because I still get the newsgroup content via E-mail and have some additional comfort for free. Plus, using two news applications (text + binary) and maintaining them takes more time than I'd like.

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    If you are looking for a text-newsgroup reader there are some choices:

    1. Windows XP or older
    -Use 40Tude Dialog. Does not work very well with Vista. (Freeware. Find with google)

    2. Windows Vista
    -Use Forte Agent. 40Tude Dialog is the best text newsreader in my opinion, but for Vista go with Agent.

    3. Linux/FreeBSD/etc.
    -Mozilla Thunderbird. Can read news as well as email.

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    Thank u two, after testing i think ill stick with Forte Agent for now. But Google is a nice alternative for the office (firewall there blocks most ports). Do u know how many groups Google lists?
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