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Thread: Anyone Tried Imesh

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    Just wondering if anyone could tell me if its worth my trouble finding and downloading it? A mate said it was better than Klite, but then again he knows jack about p2p (and he was using the proper Imesh with all the spyware )

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    I've used iMesh (and the hacked versions) before, but they were kinda buggy and crashed quite often.

    I wouldn't recommend it over Kazaa Lite.

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    I agree with tite-wad. I used Clean Imesh from doctor something, can't remember the name.
    It worked but a lot of conflicts/crashes.
    And it had 1 spyware component left, hotbar.
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    imesh is a fasttracker client, so it will list/have the same files as kazaa.

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    Wizzandabe is right --- also Imesh Lite still has spywere -- it sucks big time stick with k-L


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