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Thread: Help: Y Can't I Uninstall Roxio?

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    I hope this isn't a stupid question. I even have a roxio cd (different version from the one STUCK on my computer), but there's no uninstaller. Do I have to do some complicated safe-mode thing, or is there an uninstall I can download?

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    em there is a great program for this type of problem - the program is called Clean Sweep and is great for this type of thing

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    Roxio site is also good for this as well. Just have to search the knowledge base which has improved. Not sure what OS you have so let me place a link for removing 5.xx from XP and other OS's:

    Uninstall Easy CD Creator 5.0x using Windows XP Safe Mode

    Uninstall / reinstall Easy CD Creator 5 (not for Windows XP)
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    yea the roxio site kicks ass


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