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Thread: Diwara/AussieTorrents Invite

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    Hey everyone,

    I know I may seem like someone just here to get a invite and never return, seems more true because of my low post tally. Anyway I am quite new to the whole torrent thing, and joined up here as soon as I started on torrents. Anyway this whole time I have been searching for torrents for my favorite sport, Australian Football.

    I was wondering if anyone could please spare a invite to AussieTorrents on me. If no, it is quite understandable. I will be happy to show pictures of my ratio on 2 other sites to prove that I do seed everything I download and do the best job possible to help others.

    Thanks in advance for the help guys.

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    Aussie land

    Aussie FTW!

    Mail me your mail (disabled PMs)


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