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Thread: Photo Clean Up Software?

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    does anybody know if there is such software that can clean up photos which have been graphitied(sp?)

    ie somebody has sent me a photo but theyve drawn a disguise onit with paint program or something similar.

    thinking about it, it probably isnt possible! but theres no harm in asking!!!!

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    Would be interesting to know as well. I am not aware of any, something of that nature may have to be done via a company that restores blemished or altered photos.

    Wish you luck in your search. Should you find something, post back and let us know.
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    It depends on the format of the image. If it's simply a jpeg or a gif etc.. standard image type format. Then chances are no. If the image was saved in a photoshop, fireworks or some form of vector image format then you would be able to delete the added graffiti, by either deleting the layer, or vectors. But chances are your image will not be in this format. If it's small blemishes, e.g. scratches on a photo that has been scanned in, or red eye, you can use photoshop to remove these faults and if you're good enough restore bigger blemishes. If it's a real photo, I know for a fact that metal polish removes biro. Other than that it would have to be a photo restoration firm or something.


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    cheers anyways guys, i shall go and kill a few hours having a search for this
    illusive golden egg.....................


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