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Thread: Cyberhome 400 Dvd Player Any Good

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    So anyone know if it's anygood?

    I was browsing in whsmiths yesterday and i seen it for 50.

    Thought, that cant be anygood but looking at some specs ( on a sheet next to it) to said it plays nearly all media

    Too good to be true?

    What do you think??

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    Originally posted by Livy@2 July 2003 - 15:41
    here ya go
    Wow! sounds pretty for good 50 , only 2 user comments tho.

    Nearly convinced in getting one at that price.

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    i know, but it still looks pretty good and media support is pretty good too.
    and its region free. with a remote code

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    My brother got one of these a couple of months ago.

    For 50 quid it is an excellent piece of kit.

    I am very tempted to go and get one myself and dump the crap I got from asda.

    Edit: I hope you can stand the bright blue standby led though.
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    Right i'm having one

    Getting it tomorrow, at that price ive nothing to lose.

    Also heard that they are flying of the shelves, so best be quick.


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