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Thread: Cant Get My Comp To Show On My Tv.

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    Ok, here are my materials:
    Nvidia Geforce 4 64mb Graphics Card
    S-Video cable
    Adapter Switch that can swap between 4 diff devices that use Video(yellow) Audios (red and white), and/or S-video.. Plus an output to the tv.

    I've tested the cables (they all work)
    Tested the adapter(it works.. plus it's brand new)

    Here's what i'm doing.

    I plug 1 side of the s-video cable into the Graphics card, then i plug the other side into one of the areas on the adapter.
    I hook the output from the adapter to the back of my tv.
    Now i press the button on my adapter were the S-Video cable is comming in so it's connecting my graphics card to my tv.
    Now on my tv, when i switch to Video mode... nothing happends!

    Wat am i doing wrong!? My tv doesnt have s-video input so i had to convert the other side of the s-video into the 3-wire Audio/Video cord.

    Does S-Video have to be a strait out connection? (no convertion?)
    How can i add an S-Video input on my tv? it's a brand new tv..

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    what your doing wrong is that u are not putting them wires wright put the wires in the comp going in output and the wires in tthe tv in output hopes that helps try this as your base in getting or coming up with ideas in situations like this

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    I think the super video out is just video so you shouldn't split it, combine it instead with an Svideo to rca adaptor.
    It's a small connector, about an inch and a half long that takes the separate video signals from SVid and combines them into a single channel to RCA in on the TV. Then you'll need an audio cable from your sound card out, to the TV's RCA audio in. keep the PC volume low though unless you have an inline impedence adaptor on the sound cards out put.

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    if your tv doesnt not have a s-vhs socket on the the tv you should us the Compostie Red white and yellow.also if one of the scart sockets is wired up for S-HS u mite have to tell the tv that through the menu and one of the posts is correct it only carries you picture you'l definetly have to run it through you sound card for you read white and yellow you need something like this to turn it into scart
    hope this helps

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    Yea, i already tried hookin the S-video to my comp's output... then hooked an rca adapter to the other end and pluged into the Yellow up. (all i need is video, not the sound). Then i switched the tv to Video mode... wont show my comp screen.

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    ave you got a compostie video on your Video Card or not it posible it could be yor adapter it could be converting Vid 2 S-VHS not S-VHS 2 Video.
    Give it a try u prolly got you wires some where down the line!!


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