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Thread: How to burn a large DVD to DVD

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    Hi Guys

    I have been burning a few DVDs lately with no probs.

    Using DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and Nero.

    However I have a very large DVD (8 gigs) that I am having trouble with.

    I have been able to Rip it to my hard drive.

    But when I tried to Burn it to a DVD-RW it said the DVD was not big enough even though I was using Automatic Compression (at about 49%)

    I then tried again using a DVD+R DL double layer DVD and that did not work either.

    I would like to be able to backup the whole movie.

    But I suppose I could remove some of the extra's.

    I have heard of backing up image files but do not know much about this.

    Or is it my version of Nero ?

    Or is it my media ?

    Kind Regards


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    I did one once that size i used dvd shrink and let it shrink to hard drive then i used dvd shrink the second time and it shrunk it enough to copy to disk.

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    Try DVDFab Platinum to copy the DVD as it will automatically shrink down the size to fit on your media.

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    Thanks guys

    I managed to do it using DVDshrink by removing the 5 to 1 audio file

    I did try using blank double layer DVD, but my Nero did not seem to like it.



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    It indeed could be your version of Nero. I have a method of taking the movie only files from a Pal iso and loading them into Nero Vision and turning them into an Ntsc video (no menus). The place I got the method from said to use Nero 7.2 or later but for the heck of it I used Nero 6.6 on another machine rather than transfer the data onto the machine with Nero 7. I went thru all the steps exactly the same and when I came to the end Nero 6 said theres not enough room. Since this never happens with Nero 7 I have to assume that 6 is changing something (using its own codec for the audio or video) and therefore expanding the disk size.

    I transfered the iso to the other PC and Nero 7 did the files just fine. So Nero 6 wants to change the files and in the process expands the disk size but probably after many complaints they did away with it in Nero 7.


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