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    im thinking about getting a new computer as the one i got is quite crap and slow, ive also got a laptop which i use myself.

    all the parts ive got are from

    athlon 2000 & Jetway 266 motherboard combo. 99 Link
    i think this is the mobo, 2nd one down Link

    300w atx case. 25, first one link

    7200rpm ata 100 hard drive, 60,80,120gig. 55,60,77
    not to sure what size yet, Link

    512mb ddr266 ram 50,

    cables and keyboard ~ 15

    i already have i new optical mouse, and will be using same monitor for the time being and also same cd writer, 24x so aint to bad.

    all about 250 what you think???

    ill probaly be running 2000, maybe xp.

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    Are those prices including VAT ?

    If so, they are a little high, but not too bad.

    If excluding vat, try ccl computers for a saving of about 20% on the prices you've quoted.
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