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Thread: Just Say No!

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    Interesting reading, lots of good opinions over there.
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    god -- i hate the RIAA so dam much

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    i like this persons statement:

    "Chances are, the RIAA is going to be looking for those who share music from specific artists who have given them the go-ahead to prosecute people in their name. they can't really sue for copyright infringement for a copyright that they themselves do not hold, so bands and artists will be paying them to do so on their behalf. Someone should set up a website to track which artists are the ones who have authorized this behavior from the RIAA and they should be BOYCOTTED! Also, if you are one of those unfortunates who DO end up getting sued, make sure that the holders of the copyrights themselves are involved! Metallica was the first to get on their fan's bad books, let's see who the next to fall shall be!"
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    this is exactly how people should fight back against riaa&#33;
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