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Thread: How do you burn MKV files?

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    I've been having this problem for a while about them and i was just wondering if there would be a specific technique or program that could do this.

    I've tried:

    - MKV to AVI converter - there is only one which i believe that's really crap

    - Windows Media Classic - renaming it to avi or something else.

    If there are any other ways.. please do help. cheers!
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    I don't burn MKV files but if I would, they'd be as easy as any other file. After all, they're only a different container format (Matroksa) but are video files just the same. The more important question is what you want to get out of burning them:

    x) do you want to watch those movies via your hardware divx/xvid player on your tv?
    x) do you simply want to archive those files?

    H264/x264 is a common video codec used with the Matroska multimedia container and if you think about re-encoding those videos to xvid, then you should have downloaded said xvid releases in the first place. A loss of detail and therefore quality is the result of such a step and I don't believe you routinely want to do that.

    For archiving files with sizes larger than 2gb (I believe that's what the usual iso9660/joliet specification allows) your only solution is using the UDF. That might create some compatibility problems if you're unlucky but it's the only way to get a file larger than 2gb on a disc in one piece.

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    well burning 2gb or more on a disk is not that complecated i see my brother buring is big iso 360 games on dual layer they work fine i suppose
    xxx zoey mwah

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    I'm not sure I see the problem. Burn them as a normal data-disc. If you need to split them use....mkvmerge GUI
    The question is what do you want to play them on??? And are they hi-def???


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