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Thread: suggest some flate unlimet download pay server

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    Hello guys,

    I am new at usenet. I always used p2p programs as emule od torrents.
    I would like to try usenet.
    I tryied usenext, but the free trial gives u very slow speed and the pay area gives u a download limit og gb per month at an high price but at a very fast speed.

    I have a question reguarding suggest me some pay service that could offer me :

    flat montly rate with unlimited download in gb per month

    fast and with a good quantity of material

    Do u have any suggestion please ??
    than ku very much

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    If you want something cheep yet with tons of features, check out
    If you use that link, you get to help out FileSharingTalk (the website you are at now)

    If you get the three month term for $39.95 it comes down to $13.31 which is a really good price. You get unlimited downloads, max speeds, 10 simultanious connections, SSL encryption, 101 days of rentention and access to their usenet search engine.

    A lot of people also recommend Giganews. They are very expensive and in my opinion not worth it. However, some people like it because of their reliability. However, usenetserver has been pretty reliable.

    If you do not want a month to month subscription (maybe you dont download regularly) you can get a block subscription. Instead of paying by month, you pay per gigabyte of data you download. For this service, I recommend

    They have the best block plans you will find anywhere else. Their cheapest per gig plan is 300 gigs for $66.00 which comes down to $0.22 per gig. And if you dont use all your gigs, it will last forever (they dont expire). You also get max speeds, 100 days of retention, and SSL encryption.
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    UsenetServer is also my choice. Although, if you want greater retention (200 days), go with GigaNews. It is much more expensive per month though.

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    ifI would like to try to use my roadrunner newsserver , what program I could use to browse/download eseally files.
    The only thing that I loved of usenext was their program.
    Could u please suggest any similar program that let me aseally search and download files automatically ?
    thank u

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    If you ISP already provides free usenet access, definetely give it a shot. The quality will most likely be bad (7 day retention, 5 gig per month limit, only four connections) however you never know. My ISP offers horrible usenet access. If you want better service, get a paid usenet provider as stated in my above post.

    As for a program to use, both Altbinz and Grabit are free.

    Altbinz ( ) has a shit load of features. SSL encryption, RSS feed, multiple connections, automatic par and unrar, free built-in search, etc. However, the author of the program hasnt updated it in awhile and there are a few bugs. But a very good program indeed.

    Grabit ( )is another free program. It has a lot of features but does not have SSL support, RSS feeds or free built-in search (you must pay for that). Its pretty stable and still in development.

    If you do feel like paying, two good paid programs are NewsLeecher and Newsbin.

    NewsLeecher ( ) is by far the most popular usenet program (altbinz is quickly gaining popularity because of its features set and its free). Newsleecher (the beta versions) includes virtually every feature you will see in Altbinz (auto par and unrar, SSL, etc). The built-in search does cost money though and there is no support for RSS feeds. Newsleecher is constantly improved although their latest beta (beta 7) is very buggy. Either try their stable one, go back to beta 6 or wait for beta 8.

    Newsbin ( ) is a pretty decent paid program. Im not sure how it compares to the above three since I havent used it. But it does have the basic features like SSL support, automatic par and unrar, etc. There is no support for RSS feeds though. The author did implement it but removed it in place for paid built-in search.

    So long story short, if you are new to usenet, try a free program such as Altbinz or Grabit. If you need the SSL encryption, Altbinz is the way to go (Grabit doesnt support it). Later, if you would like to pay for NewsLeecher or whatever and get the built-in search features, go for it.
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    Hi band thank u for all your great help.

    1 think I do not understand.
    I used usenext , with their free 2 weeks usage , and I did not liked it. My torrent was faster , and if I want to download more I could use the faster line but I need to pay for 20 or 50 gb per month , that for my TB of download is nothing .....
    If I need to use the slow usenet connection and pay , it is way better my torrents and peerguardian.....
    But , before leave usenet , I wouyld like to explore more, because when u pay , it is really fast, faster then my torrents....
    So my options are 2 :

    1) pay for a flat rate subscription that gives me as much as I want of download for month ( I want download TB or more..and pay always the same flat rate)

    2) I was thinking , when I used Usenext , I recorded all the newsgroups that they use( 1 for example for games is : )
    What I do not understand is:
    What is I use a program as alt.binz, the I use my provider news server , and then I add a newsgroup as to search and download for the files ???

    The difference beetween a payng news server and my ISP news server will be the speed of downloads from the news group ???

    Am I right ??

    How do I find files to download ??

    thank u very much for everything

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    Free usenet access or usenet access provided by your ISP will almost always be very bad. Because it is free, the speeds will be very slow. However, if you pay for usenet, the speeds will be very fast because you are downloading from a dedicated server. Bit Torrent downloads from other users. Try Its only ~$13 per month. You get unlimited downloads will max speeds. It will be faster than bit torrent.

    As for searching... Before, the only way to search usenet was to download "headers" and look through them. This was a very slow and painful process. Almost every usenet program (except altbinz) can download headers. But its a painful process so I do NOT recommend you search this way.

    Because downloading Headers is slow, some great people invented .NZB files. NZB files are very similar to .torrent files. NZB files tell altbinz or newsleecher where to download the file you want. NZB files are NOT the actual files themselves. They are more similar to torrent files. They just point you to the real files. The most popular NZB site is They have thousands of NZB files for you to download. However, it does cost money. FileSharingTalk actually has its own NZB section ( ). It is free and has a lot of files to download. I recommend you use this method to search usenet.

    While, NZB files are a great way to download, not all files on usenet have NZB files created. A good NZB site will only exist if members create and upload NZB files. If you only use NZB files and not the "headers" I mentioned earlier, you will miss a whole bunch of files (no one has the time to create nzb files for everything). This is where usenet search engines come in. These search engines crawl usenet and index all the files automatically. If you pay for and use Newsleecher or Newsbin or Grabit, they have paid built-in search. You can use this to search usenet and find more stuff. However, that does cost money. Luckily, there are free search engines you can use. and are two great and free search engines. I recommend you also use this method to search usenet.

    If you download a NZB file and open it in altbinz (or other usenet programs) and you get errors (such as "Error: Article not found" or something similar) it is because the usenet provider you are using has bad retention. Retention is the time files last on a usenet server. A server with long retention will keep files for a long time. Free usenet providers (such as from your ISP) will usually have very short retention. Usually less than a week. That means files on usenet will only be on their servers for a few days. Then they will be deleted. So it is recommended to pay for a usenet provider and get 100 days of retention. That way, you can download files 100 days old.

    Again, I recommend ( Please use You will be helping FileSharingTalk). They have 101 days of retention (VERY good!), SSL encryption, unlimited download, and its only ~$13 per month. Also, they include a FREE usenet search engine to provide you will another way to search usenet.
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    hio , I signed up for a 3 day try to the usenetserver that u said .
    1 download that I started was going very slo 25-30kbps . Then I tryied another one and it is going at 500 kbps , really good.
    The problem is the search engine.
    usenetserver search engine is terrible. Usenext was way better with their personal program with built in search engine.

    I will try the sites that u told me for the search.
    If in these 3 days I will like the way the things goes , maybe I will decide to sign for a 3 months period with them

    than u very much for everything

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    I took a look at Usenext. Its expensive. Usenetserver is a lot cheaper. I havnt used their search so I dont know how good usenetserver's search is.

    If for some reason you dont like usenetserver, you can try Its $39.97 for three months which is 2 cents more expensive than usenetserver. Their service is about the same. 100 days of retention, SSL encryption, unlimited download and max speeds. They have their own search ( ) but it seems really bad. I do not have an account with them so I do not know if paid members get access to a better search engine. Also, I do not know their reliability. Usenetserver has pretty damn good reliability. It doesnt go down often. But since is operated by the same guys as, its probably safe to say they are pretty good.

    There are also many other search engines. You will have to look around because I do not know them all. One other one I do know is However, their retention is only 45 days. Other search engines have ~100 days.

    EDIT: Nevermind, search engine searches for groups, not files. Entirely different. I dont know if paid users get better search engines. Probably not because its not listed on their site.
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    Hi and thank u again.

    I like the usenetserver.
    I told u , the only problem is to search for seems there is less avaiability then torrents in general in usenet.
    Usenext has its own browser that has its own search engine , i guess similar to the 3 pay program tha u told me

    thasnk u very much

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