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Thread: Have revtt invite

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    want bitmetv

    pm me

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    invite matan1nino to bitmetv at your own risk, staff there say this guy has been banned there for cheating at least 3 times already. most recently an FST member almost lost his bitmetv account for inviting him there 2 weeks ago.

    FST staff should also know he has at least three accounts here as well: (this one is definitely they same guy) username: matan111 (this one is definitely him too) username: lidor1nino
    and this one might be him too: username: Mmatan
    as you can see, he's really creative on making usernames that don't arouse suspicion, lol! No wonder they caught him cheating over & over @bitmetv.

    isn't it against FST rules to have more than one FST account? The only reason I can think of to have 3 or 4 FST accounts is because he;s planning on doing something to get himself banned here, like scamming people in bad trades.
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    Also you should check this thread. Bitmetv's level is 6 atm.

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    yeah only scammers and cheaters need to have more than one account so that even if one account is banned , they get instant access to invites section via a dupe account .


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