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Thread: Speeding Up Dl

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    hello to everyone heres a tip that seems to help and my downloads seem to really take off. i find that when i goto the firewall option and change my incoming pport
    from 1214 to 32656 my downloads seem to get some more boost .
    i tried this method and it kranked my dl from 56kb/s to anywhere from 90-160kb/s.
    give it a try and let me know how it goes for ya

    i hope this tip works for other people using k++ also

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    well its been 33 minutes and ive been jumping supernodes like crazy,doesnt seem to improve much 4 me though...nevamind i got a T1 connection so alls well

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    im kinda suprised but its actually working

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    Where did you get that value 32656? On your ceiling.

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    I donít care were you got it mate...
    I made an instant improvement...

    Thanks SAS

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    hmmmmmm, it didnt seem to work (maybe cos im downloading from a crappy user... lol). anyway, ill try it alter with a faster user,
    thanks for posting and spotting this,

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    I know this worked for me, been using it before my harddisk had to be reformatted and my entire system rebuilt...
    back then I found it on another k-lite forum that seems to be down now, so I'm glad I found it in here too... thanks, hope it still works with my current system configuration.

    *edit : *
    Yep, still worked like a charm....

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    Waoh... its real cool

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    Here's a helpful port list

    Port Numbers

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    Holy Mother Of God

    Wow , ive been trying to DL this file for ages, changed the port number and it immediatly started to DL. Must be my isp throttling port 1214.

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