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Thread: Beware of scam emails asking for the root password or your boxes

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    I received this email now:

    You have set an IP ( on your server which does not belong to you, We have disabled network connection to
    your server.

    Please send your root password to us so we can remove this IP from your server and please let me know why you
    hijacked this IP.

    Kind regards,

    Jeffrey Kriegsman
    LeaseWeb - SupportBut the email came directed trough a mail daemon.

    Why the admins would need my root password

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    How pathetic attempt. >.<

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    Send them a picture of your "password". It's really some gay porn but they don't know that. Tell them the reason you're sending it as an image file is because the government is reading all email and they can't read text in images.
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    maybe a goatse picture...


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