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Thread: BITmeTV or bust.

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    So I doubt anyone here has any BitmeTV invites, but I might as well ask anyway...since I wasted 2 months or whatever on this forum just to get to the invites section....which is kind of a disappointment.

    I thought this would be a forum for the BT community to trade invites for other entusiastic BT traders that want to do good and get some great content in other private trackers....but instead all I see around here is kids trading. Kinda reminds me of school children on the playground trading worthless pieces of cardboard with neat little pictures on them.

    Im sure these smaller scale trackers appeal to a number of you looking for something pretty specific, but as for me...I have a lot going on and I need 3-4 good trackers where I can get everything I need....TV (namely), Movies, 0-day movies, music, games, audio and so on....I dont have time to check 10313992 trackers, nor do I have any interest in keeping a thousand accounts open for a thousand different trackers....that have hardly any even WORTHY content on them...most is just repeated content from public trackers.

    Ive been trying to get into bitmeTV for quite a while now and all these traders seem to get first dibs because of what they can offer instead of these BT users that have actual CONTENT to upload and would download a great deal of content off the tracker. Personally I have almost a hundred gigs of TV episodes that I would love to put on BitmeTV and I already know theres about 6 of their 'sections' that I would snatch everything in it....but somehow everytime invites are given away these traders come and get it and then just give it right back away...which screws us all....everyone knows they catch on to that kind of activity. Its people like that that are making the rules on these sites so strict...

    SOME CONTENT IS EVEN FREE (on regular sites and around the net).

    and im starting to wonder if half of these lesser known trackers are just made up by some of the members here and seeded with bots or something just to trade and get trade creds.

    So I guess what im saying is:

    1) Admins should be more selective about what is traded on here.

    2) Good traders in the community (im not talking about good POSTERS on this BBS) should get these invites to the good trackers instead of these people that just sit around on their ass all day and trade accounts and never even use BT

    3) Assuming anyone around here actually HAS a BitmeTV account and/or invite and doesnt horde them, I would much appreciate it and can compensate you for it in a number of ways.

    and as for me around here, I think I have all the BT sites I need but I think ill keep my account open and periodically give away some invites to deserving traders.

    ....Assuming my account doesnt expire before that time.
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    What you can give me for clean BitMe TV clean account ??

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    I have BitMe TV invites, but you may find you get better responses if you have something to offer and actually place it in your request. I typically will ignore requests for my invites unless there is something that interests me.

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    just go to tvtorrents if u are looking only for the contents

    tvtorrents has the same stuff on bitmetv and i think it is open for sign up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Ghost View Post
    just go to tvtorrents if u are looking only for the contents

    tvtorrents has the same stuff on bitmetv and i think it is open for sign up
    Not the same. BitMeTV is much better.


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