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    i was wondering is the only way the Riia can find you is if u share ur files

    i normally dont can they still get me?
    if they can i protect myself


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    Originally posted by sakibles1015@2 July 2003 - 23:22

    i normally dont can they still get me?
    if they can i protect myself

    Considering you don't share...why should anyone help you anyway?

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    sry...let me word it another way...didn't mean that

    i wont share until this thing with the riia dies down
    can they still detect me?


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    First off, if you dont share your files you should not be downloading from kazaa in the first place! its known as leeching and we hate leechers almost as much as the riaa.

    The best way to protect yourself would be to use peerguardian or a firewall that will let you block IP ranges, some people dont like peerguardian because it blocks alot of IP ranges but other members like it.

    Also useing the privacy patch would be a good idea if you live in america. this will block anyone from seeing what your sharing you might get your downloads cut off because other users might think your leeching it depends how scared of the riaa you are.

    And yes they can do you even if your just downloading and not sharing! and if they dont some other kazaa member will,

    SHARE THAT STUFF, YA PIRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thnx man

    i will share from now on...

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    im not sure
    I was wondering if a admin whould make a offical post on "how do protect against the RIAA", i have seen this subject like 5 times a day.Thanks

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