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Thread: vty-0103.003 how to extract

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    vty-0103.003 files , how can I wxtract them to yhe iso files ??

    If I usewinzar or winzip , I det at the end an extraction error message.
    What I need to do ??

    thank u

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    Well I assume that you are talking about the release, Loki-ViTALiTY which should have files vty-0103.001 thru vty-0103.063. That's 63 compressed files. Run the par file on it to check that they are complete; if not, download the extra par2's and use quickpar to repair them. Once you have the full set, manually open WinRar. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the release. Double Click the *.001 file. Winrar will open it. Select all files and extract to a destination of your choice. Winrar will process all consecutive files.

    Alternatively, You can right-click the *.001 file and have it "open with" winrar "always." That way winrar is associated with that file and will open the image by double clicking in windows explorer.

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    I checked if they were complete , ad they are , but when I extract I get the message :

    ! E:\video\1188098175[1]\vty-0103.045: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    This messaghe appears when I use winrar

    thank u

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    try using 7zip

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    Use hjsplit then when combined add the extension .iso or whatever image it is supposed to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by rippinitup4fun View Post
    Use hjsplit then when combined add the extension .iso or whatever image it is supposed to be
    It's compressed


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