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Thread: Software On Kazaa Lost ?

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    i remember downloading Hitman the videogame and now i was looking for warcraft III but have no results, what the hell is this ! i went back to looking for Hitman and again i could not find anything , did kazaa take away the right to download games and software , whats going on ?

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    in kazaa lite, go to options>kazaa lite options>filter and remove the checkmark from the box next to "filter file type that can potentially contain a virus". then you should be able to search for games and software again.

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    well ppl Rnt gona share the same files for eeeeeever and eeever
    and if u have k-light and not k-light++ then ur chances of finding sources will b very slight

    sometimes kazaa cant find shit i dunno why but it has happend b4 what i try is closing it and finding more sources later


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