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Thread: Having trouble with FSC

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    Can an FSC staff member please help me out. I'm having trouble signing-in. I'm currently on vacation, and I've mentioned that in my profile, info section, and cant seem to login. I got to the login page but after I type in my Username and pass it takes me back to the main page. I tried password recovery but that didnt work either.

    I could also make do with the IRC info, including key, so I an talk to them there. If anyone can please pm them to me rather thn post here.

    Edit: I think I've figured out the problem but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using FirefoxPortable and I'm probably having issues with Cookies or something. I've noticed this on quite a few other trackers. I have to sign-in over and over again. I'll try installing firefox on this computer and copy over my settings there and see.

    Edit2: YES!! It was because of FirefoxPortable. Piece of sh*t!! Oh it pissed me off so much.

    Edit3: No wait. I got to the main page and when I clicked on forums it took me back to the "other" main page, which isnt the actual main page i.e. the page you see when you login.

    Edit4: I asked my friend to login on my PC in the UK and he says its working fine there. So I guess it's becasue of the gay internetz in this country. Seems like I can only use FSC once I get back.

    btw, congratulations DV8type and dArknet on your promotions.
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