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Thread: Computer Games Arent Found Anymore ?!

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    i remember getting a bunch of videogames like NHL and hitman 2 but when i looked up recently for Warcraft III it gave nothing , i went back looking for NHL, still nothing , what the hell is going on , are all the games off kazaa ?

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    Think people may not be sharing like before, though you may have your settings in filters causing the problem.

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    I downloaded a cracked version of warcraft 3 two days ago. the file was called... Well i forgot what it was called but there is a real file. Just check the auto search more box and get a snack for 5 mintues. After that , (while in the search tab) update the users sub-tab thingy and use your judgement for what might be a real file. I believe the thing I downloaded was over 500 mb but less than 600 mb.


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