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Thread: Install Win Xp Corp Over Win 98se

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    HI All
    just wondering , i have just about finished downloading the 504102kb virsion of windows xp corp. i don't really want to install all my programs again, is it safe to install this copy over windows 98se i am sure it is possiable. but i have not backed up my system and before i knew it i now have to many mp3 and films to use ghost. any other suggestings on this matter very welcome

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    You posted this in verified hashes why?

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    its 3:30
    and i have been trying to get windows xp all day and now i have nearly got it.
    wont do in the future
    now that it is here any help

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    You could do an upgrade but i don't advise it. Look for partition magic and move the old system up enough to make a small XP partition for install. Pick out what you want from win 98 and then delete and wipe that partition and resize XP. Better yet, make a new partition for the files you don't want to lose each time you reintall an OS.

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    Ya, it's always better to do a fresh install. Here's how I got my system setup. Either get two harddrives or make two partitions. Make the Windows XP one about 6-10 GB. Then fill up the rest of the drive with another partition. Then what i did was installed Windows XP and all the system stuff (like codecs and that) on the small partition. Then i installed all my programs that i know i will use on the other partition, did a full Norton System scan/cleanup and that, and imaged XP install partition. Now if i fuck anything up i can easily back it up without having to reinstall almost all my crap.

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    u can do
    choose "advance installition" in setup dailog box
    but better to have 2 partition, and install new one windows on 2nd partition or use partition magic if u want to use on same drive, there is somthing called boot...dont know exactlly but it good for having 2 OS on same partition

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