Years ago I have played a game which I found on a Twilight CD collection. I think it was around vol. 40, now they are at 102 or so. It was I think a RPG. You opened the game and when you started to play for the first time you were in some kind of castle with an old men guiding you. I think you were wearing a red costum and the old guy teached you some rules etc. When you went outside, you could kill tarantula's (very big spiders in the game) and other spiders and dragons, also people called monks you could kill. During the game you needed to cross from one island to another, there was an old sailor telling you what you should do to cross the island, more I do not know. I thought the title of the game was Renegade but I cant even find a screenshot of that game in google, PLEASE HELP ME!

Edit: my friend recalled that down left on the pc screen appeared the "status" of the day: noon afternoon etc.