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    any help n advice on what is hte best scanner to get? / company?

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    They all vary in features in some way. Then you have the bulk look and the slimline look. Which do you prefer? I would have to say Canoscan or HP would be worth reviewing. Would probably be best to stick with or near Company name brand for future support (drivers, software, etc). Not someone who may go out f business in a yr or two.............

    Google search of scanner reviews.

    Sorry best I can offer, in the market for upgrade myself, but I am looking at models within those brands. All-n-One is what I am looking for (Printer-Scanner-Copier all combined).

    Good luck. B)
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    i think canon is worth considering

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    ooh i thought epson was good... but i guess i can try for cannon... i don't like all in ones... since i have a black laser printer and two ink jets already... so therez no point for an all in one... i also have a fax machine which i use to make copies...

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    Get a digital camera and hook it up to your computer. Makes it simpler.

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    lol i got one of those... 4.0 megapixel but no it doesnt do as good as a scanner..

    how do you take a pic of a document? lol itz not gonna be flat~ n itz hard to focus up close


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