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Thread: Canoob open beta.

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    Canoob is a new kind of download software.

    What is it?
    Canoob will give anyone and everyone a simple and very easy to use piece of download software.

    When you start Canoob you will see a list of 100 to 300 movies, series and porn movies, and you can click and download anyone of them.

    The lists will always be up to date with all current mainstream releases and you donít need to be computer superman to use it.

    How does it work?
    What Canoob does is pretty much what most geeks do, when they download movies and tv shows off the internet. The only difference is, that Canoob take all the info you want, and combines it a simple interface.

    It uses different scripts to get titles, search for torrent files, scan torrent files for specific content, link torrent files with movie information and trailer link, and so on.

    How does it look?
    Here is some recent interface screenshots.

    Download Link:
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    Updated with new graphics

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    I take it this is a product you created?

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    It looks very good !


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