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Thread: Just Watched Rob Zombie's "Halloween"....Horrific.

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    Oh dear. Rob Zombie has just proved that he should never have touched John Carpenter's classic. Suspense is a foreign word to Zombie , this film is so bad I can see it being one of the turkeys of the year.

    Avoid at all costs.

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    yeah, most ppl are saying they hate this film. meh, i liked it. i look forward to seeing the "new version" that cums out this friday.

    what didnt' u like about it?

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    lol, maybe that's ghey idk, but it was cool atm.
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    i thought it was pretty good. it gave a little into why mike was the way he was.

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    I absolutely hated it, it simply did not compare to the original. And as far as I am concerned, Rob Zombie is good at some movies like house of 1000 corpses or the devils rejects....but it was almost like he was trying to make halloween into another house of 1000 corpses type just did not work!

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    This film will be dissappointing to fans of the original. But someone who hasn't seen John Carpenter’s Halloween might enjoy it. It was better than any of the previous sequels IMO.

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    yeah it was pretty terrible.

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    I had hope that Rob Zombie would do a great job, I guess he fell short.

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    Yes complete garbage. All Zombie did was tell the story as if it were a real life scenario. To me anyways. What I mean by real life is. No frills, real world people, events. Unlike the imaginative movie world. With all that Mike Myers was made to be in the previous movies.


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