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Thread: Extracting Audio From Music Video

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    How do you exract the audio from an mpg and end up with a quality mp3?
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    I'm imagining that is possible with the mpeg tools in tmpgenc(demux).

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    Originally posted by musicmaster@3 July 2003 - 08:18
    How do you exract the audio from an mpg and end up with a quality mp3?
    you can save the sound in virtualdub, but only as a wav. you'd need to convert the wav to mp3 i suppose.

    to save the wav:

    load the video file into virtualdub. go to audio menu and click "full processing".
    then go to file and click "save as wav". choose the destination file and there you go.
    to convert it to mp3 you could use a program like dbpoweramp

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    I would agree with 2nd gen and say that VirtualDub is the easiest way to extract the audio.
    If you've got EAC & Lame then you can encode the .wav with that.

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