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Thread: Moderators

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    I would like to make a serious point.
    Some of the 'mods' on FST (BT section) (not many) (no-names) seem to be:

    a). Very immature (in age and in attitude)
    b). Setting a bad example for users through their behaviour.
    c). Flaming/spamming and generally throwing their toys out of their pram.

    d). Not responding responsibly to users comments.

    e). Not helping users which they should be helping.

    I think this reflect badly on FST as a whole and it would be nice if a little more consideration was taking in the appointment of these important posts. Rather than whoever has the most trade points Many kids learn how to behave in the P2P world here and if they aren't set a good example they will reak yet more havok all over the internets ...I realise FST is not responsible for these little but it would be nice to see them given some idea of what FileSharing is about...and how to respect it. FST is a great and valuable place..I hope it stays that way..The majority of mods/staff here are great and a big for them.

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    Name names or STFU

    Seriously, if you've got a problem with a moderator, raise a report in the report section citing specific examples, or PM rossco or reality to voice your concerns if you don't want to publicly name anybody.

    I don't see the point in starting a thread here, just seems like you want to stir up trouble.

    Therefore, i'm closing this thread. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Board Rules
    Rule 14 - Mod/Admin Decisions
    Decisions of the Administrators or Moderators ARE NOT up for public discussion or questioning and any such discussion or questioning will not be tolerated. Complaints concerning moderators or their actions may be discussed with that moderator or brought to the attention of an administrator by means of a Private Message (PM) or create a thread in the Report Section.
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