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Thread: Thoughts On T3

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    Well I went and paid my money for T3, it was a decent movie, it tried to make fun of T2 but I really can't see paying more money to sit through it again. The destruction was great, but John Conner was a little bitch, and so was Kathrine Brewster (Danes). Just too much bitching. What did you think?

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    I dont know, I didn't see it yet...

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    I thought it was pretty good. Too "funny" for Terminator though. i still liked it and i might go see it again but i prob just download it

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    the movie is the best but same what forq2 said its too funny but its still good! its cool cause the bad guys actually win for once!

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    i loved it, the jokes made it better i thought. but the action was great.

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    maybe seein it again will help me figure it out

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    I am a big fan of Terminator and Terminator 2. I saw this movie in a sneak preview on Tuesday, and I guess I had pretty high expectations since the first two movies were so good.

    I was disappointed. There was too much humor and a little bit of cheesiness, especially with Arnold saying "She'll be back".

    However, the action was pretty good and the effects were really great, and the ending just kind of makes you think. I expected a little bit more, but it was okay.

    The acting was second rate. There was no emotion, and no drive to survive like in the first two movies. Arnold isn't trying to achieve humanity or "learn" like in the second one. James Cameron would have done a much better job, especially if he were to have written this movie.

    All in all, I think the movie was just borderline "OK". I won't pay to see it again but I'll probably buy the DVD.

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    I don't plan to see it. Doesn't look that good anyways.

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    well I saw it and of course i got what i paid for. you can tell James Cameron didn't direct. Did like the fact that they made the terminators heavy. Connor was a bitch.

    long live the resistance.

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    well james cameron had a interview people made so much funny ideas but james cameron said no to anything to funny on Terminator 2! but he aint the director no more for T3 so thats why there's soo much Humor!

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