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Thread: Giveaway

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    Jul 2007
    1x tvjunkies lvl2
    IPTorrents (lvl 1)
    Respect The Seed lvl1

    TauriTracker lvl3 lvl3 melatonin lvl2 ok 40pkt bonusa, 2GB+) lvl3 lvl1 (for kids ;P) lvl3

    -30 sensible posts (no in INV section)
    -3 screenshots (1 from some torrent site, with nick Identic of this here , 1 screen from torrent client with visible stats, 1 speedtest direct link)

    Don't have that? Don't wirte there. Post there no PM's.
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    Jul 2007
    i have 31 post cos i am very new here sorry i hope it counts_

    and for the screenshots i use different nick but i am posting 4 tracker ss that u can understand avatars and nicks are same from the beginning. thanks in advance i hope u let me take the supertorrents acc cos i ve been waiting for a very long time

    gfxnews ;
    torrentleech ;
    demonoid ;
    bitsoup ;

    CLIENT :

    speedtest ;
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