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Thread: Best Old Console That Has Alot Of Roms On It

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    What in your opinion is the best old console that u can get roms for?

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    Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis IF Your Looking FOR RPG i would go foR Super Nintendo But if Your Looking For Adventure LIke Sonic Sega is Yo MAN!
    Except on Sega They Have The Best RPG GGame Ever Created For Me Its CallEd Crusade Of Centy its Like Zelda but a zillion time better and its for Sega! Reccomendation if U LIKE RPG!

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    If you want to play Super Nintendo games, you might as well get VisualBoyAdvance. It emulates Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games, most of which are updated versions of old SNES games. The roms are easy to find in Kazaa. Just search for "gba".

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    I like my Sega but Nes is good as well

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    Try Secret of Mana, Cronotrigger, etc.


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