I use the torrents for TV & Movies only.

I have TVTorrents over a TB of credit
I recently got TorrentLeech for movies, which is just ok. I have a decent ratio there too.

I don't have a lot of time to troll the forums (as you can see from my post count).

What is the best way to get a good movie torrent site? I am NOT looking for CAMs, I have a nice size TV and need at least a DVDRIP for it to be worth it.

Do I try to get the "high level" torrents? Are they even worth it?

If I was describing by best torrent site it would be one where I can get a feed of the "top" movies as soon as they are available in a DVDRIP format (HD would be even better) and that is it.

What do you all suggest?

If anyone reads this and would actually like to invite me into a torrent that does that, I'd be happy to provide invites to either tvtorrents/torrentleech. If it was reasonable, I would even pay something to get access to such a site.

I full believe that this is where TV/Movies is going. I would happily pay what I pay to my cable company (and I pay for all channels) to get a reliable TV/Movie feed as I described.

Here are my recent stats:
Torrent Leech