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Thread: Need To Share

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    oi Oi ppl

    i have a movie i wish 2 share. I have put it in my shared folder but no 1 is getting it. It is 1st class ... tell me i have k-sig but dont know the feck how 2 do it. Tell me in plain english how to get a link or to create it so its on here. u will not be dissapointed.

    Watch this space. Thanks all.

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    Answer the question people please?

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    The Faq

    it mentions how to do it in there..

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    Originally posted by pimpdaddy@3 July 2003 - 18:33
    have a movie i wish 2 share. ...It is 1st class ... Watch this space
    What is the name of the movie

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    Looks like pimpdaddy aint got a decent film to share. if you (pimpdaddy) do post a cracker then I apologise in advance but I have my doubts

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    Cheers Schmiggy.


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