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Thread: (--- Im Sorry To My Linux Friends ---)

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    well fellas, thanx for everyone that helped me with my linux problems but ive come to the point where the lack of standards, dependecies(*shivers), archaic installers,missing files,condesding users(not YOU, but the guys and,partial lack of hardware support(only soundcard,GPU,scroll mouse, mic. nothin huge) and depressing learning stage have turned me into a shell of my former self.

    i did like all the apps though and frozen bubble kicked ass. and the whole open source philophy is comendable. but to be honest i dont : maintain a server, need sercurity, or the unparell stablity that linux provides.

    i think ill proably try it again in a year or so.

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    sorry to hear that sss but using slackware did not do you any favours

    i also came to the comclusion that windows is fine for everyday use and linux when i need to do programming.


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